Faerun's Spellplague: My Way

A dragon's horde

Continuing from last session, (some day, I’ll actually try and type my notes from previous sessions into this site. Until then, read the character description and try and keep up.)
Smiling Jack, Saelis, and Shawna were awaiting the arrival of Fruad and Delwa at a tavern in the city of Westgate.
Upon arrival at the tavern, Delwa pauses outside, having caught a glimpse of Shawna through an open window. He is noticeably shaken at seeing her. Up until this point, he did not know she was still alive, having left her for dead many years ago. Fraud, in true dwarven fashion, ignores Delwa’s reaction and continues into the tavern for a drink.
While the young shade hesitates on the doorstep, Smiling Jack is observed by all to take sudden notice of the time of day, and dives under the table.
The city, for the past month has been subject to random explosions that collapse random buildings. The source of these explosions is not known to many, though Jack Seems to have inside information on what’s going on.
Delwa, instinctually, dives through the doorway and rolls underneath the same table as a small explosion shakes the tavern and the building across the street collapses into ruin.
As the smoke clears, Delwa rises, dusting himself off. Jack and Fraud notice a figure rise suddenly from a table across the room. Shawna rises, and aims her hand crossbow in the direction of the table where Delwa stands. Delwa starts at the sight of the crossbow leveled at him, and shadow-steps next to the half-drow. Both vanish, leaving the sight of all in the tavern.
A pair of minotaur warriors arrive, and a small bar fight ensues. Jack and Fraud quickly dispatch the trouble-seekers, and resume their activites. Soon, Delwa and Shawna reappear. Whatever quarrel there had been between them seems settled for the time being.
Shawna focuses her attention on Fraud, the party having gathered at a table.
Shawna, the most recent aquaintance in the party, reveals that she may know the location of a dragon’s horde nearby. Her information seems to indicate the lair has been abandoned and unspoiled for a short while.
Smiling Jack had dispatched a Blue dragon awhile back in open combat in a field, but the lair had never been found. The party is intrigued by this money-making proposition, and Shawna agrees to take them to the location as best she can, if they agree to allow her to adventure with them and protect her from a foe who is pursuing her for an item of value she posesses.
An agreement is made, and the party journey toward the nearby Giant’s Run mountains. As they leave the City of Westgate, they note a cloud of demons heading toward the stricken city. Jack disappears, and the rest journey on, leaving the city to its fate.
Jack shortly rejoins them, and they arrive without event at the cavern described by Shawna of Tangled Trees.
The cave intially appears abandoned, but as they enter, they hear the voices of giants in the shadows, discussing the treasure they have found.
Combat shortly begins, and the giants are dispatched, though some party members are not without significant injury.
Loot is gathered, notably a magical flamberge, which Fraud lays claim to.
[end session]


Delwa Delwa

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