Delwa Shevarashlan

Rouge Shade, seeks vengance on the Drow that destroyed his family.


Twin brother to Saelis of Cormanthyr, rogue shade. Husband to Shawna of Tangled Trees.


Twin brother to Saelis of Cormanthyr, husband to Shawna of Tangled Trees.
Delwa survived an attack on the City of Tangled Trees by a party of Drow many years ago. Thinking his family murdered in the attack, he left Tangled Trees and struck out to make his way in the Moonsea. He vowed he would someday become powerful enough to avenge his family, and has steadfastly held himself to that oath.
He met up with a dwarf and a party of adventurers in Melvaunt shortly after the city fell victim to an undead plague. He and the dwarf shared many adventures together in the Moonsea region, and during the course of their adventures, Delwa was transformed into a shade by the power of a wish. He has since traveled to the Dragon Coast, where he reunited with his twin brother, Saelis, whom he had assumed dead in the drow attack so many years ago.
The brothers were both shocked to discover they shared the transformation into a shade, but neither have been able to explain the reason for their parallel transformation.
After travelling with his wife and Frawd the dwarf, among others, Delwa left the party on business.

Delwa Shevarashlan

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