Saelis of Cormanthyr

A Cleric of Shevarash


A wood-elf shade with levels in rogue and is a Cleric of Shevarash.


Raised in the City of Tangled Trees, Saelis was the twin brother to Delwa Shevarashlan, a rogue shade that hailed most recently from the Moonsea. Saelis was been in the Dragon Coast for quite some time; long enough to gain a reputation among some of the local taverns, temples, and nobility.
He was known to be seeking the Tablets of Shaelis, though most have no clue as to the exact nature of the Shade’s quest.
He maintained an aura of mystery, having contacts in nearly every walk of life in the region, and was respected, if not feared by many of the local thieves guilds, though he never was seen to actually commit any crimes of thievery himself.
He hated Drow with a passion that went deeper and more personal than mere faith would normally dictate. However, despite his dislike for drow, he was last recently seen in the company of a female half-drow sorceress, and addressed her with an almost kin-like respect.
He fell in the dungeon of Mephistopheles, beneath the city of of Elversult. Little is known of the details of his demise, save to his brother, the half-drow sorceress his brother named his wife, Fraud the dwarf, and Smiling Jack.

Saelis of Cormanthyr

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