Saelis' Journal

The remains of the Journal belonging to Saelis


I’m lucky to be alive. Drow have raided the settlement and slaughtered as many as I can see. My twin, Delwa, is nowhere to be found, nor his partner, the half-Drow that he wed. I’ve pledged myself in service to the god Sheevarash for this atrocity. I will not rest until I have the power to destroy every black-skinned n’telquessir alive.
ELEASIAS 20, 1376 DR
I have found my lost brother’s wife, Shawna. She seems to have somehow survived the attack on the place I once called home. However, she is in service to a mage of considerable power. This mage’s intentions, while not known to me, do not seem to be of good intent. I must watch carefully. Hopefully my dear brother’s trust in Shawna was not misplaced. Could it be that she has a streak of villainy? Perhaps her tainted blood, for she is part Drow, has corrupted her and she is the reason all our lives were destroyed and the village lost? I know not. I shall bide my time and watch carefully.
HAMMER 6, 1380 DR
Sheevarash is indeed kind in his ways. I have received news of my brother, Delwa. It seems he, too has survived the plague of Drow vermin that befell Tangled Trees four summers ago. What little I have discerned is he traveled to Melvaunt on the Moonsea, and has made his way as a gladiator and thief. Most recently, he has taken up with a party of adventurers. I would very much like to see my twin again. Hopefully the years have not wrought too great a change in him. But for now, I must continue my research. I’ve so close… so very close. The Drow will be eradicated. It is the will of Sheevarash.
HAMMER 20, 1380 DR
I have discovered that my dear sister-in-law has possession of an artifact of great interest to me. It is part of a set of three. My research shows that these three objects may have the answers that I seek… power… power over the darkness my sworn foes so love… to wield that… may Sheevarash bless my steps.
HAMMER 26, 1380 DR
I have discerned the purpose of the Tablets! They surpass even my wildest hopes. If I can but obtain them, my life’s quest will be complete. These tablets provide great power over dark magic, a weave of Shadow, a weave within the Weave. How could Mystra allow such a thing to be taken from her! I must have these tablets at any cost.
CHES 2, 1381 DR
I have heard rumors my brother is doing well. Shawna has slipped beyond my sight for the moment, but no matter. Things are now in motion. I have taken an interest in a party of adventurers. One tiefling, a servant of the Harpers, and his fellow adventurers may hold the strength I need. No need for open conquest yet. These treasure-hunters will do nicely. Once the dracolich has been defeated, they will have possession of one of the Tablets of Shaelis. I must seek the other. The third tablet is illusive. Despite much research at Candlekeep and the library of the Spirit Soaring, I cannot discern its location. Shar is not misnamed as a keeper of secrets.
My dear brother has made it to the Dragon Coast. It won’t be long now and he may very well be reunited with his wife. This is sure to be an… interesting reunion. But I have more pressing matters to attend to. This rogue half-creature, Argonasti the Mage calls him a Kender, could pose a threat to my plans. Whatever the Red Wizards did to him, it has created quite the fearless killing machine.

ELIENT 21, 1381 DR
Hells be damned! Too soon, that dwarf has acted too soon. I could feel reality rip and tear as he made his wish. These adventurers may not be ready to face an Archdevil of Hell, and if the Tablet they possess falls into Mephistopheles’ hand… my plans will become very difficult indeed. I see no other alternative than to accompany them. If things go ill, I may have to wrest that tablet from the bloody Kender’s maniacal hands. I hate to leave my kin behind, but this is a greater purpose. I hope Sheevarash stands with me. I have given much in his service. Soon, though, if things go well, I will stand beside him in the pantheon of Faerûn. The tablets must be joined; the Shadow Weave must be controlled by a neutral deity. Shar cannot win! If I must sacrifice this mortal life to provide Faerûn with that future, so be it.


The worn leather-bound journal once belonging to Saelis of Tangled Trees is heavily damaged, as if by arcane fire. Many of the words and entries are damaged beyond recognition, but you are able to discern a little.
Delwa of Tangled Trees acquired this journal from his fallen brother’s body in their quest to destroy Mephistopheles.

Saelis' Journal

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