The Silver Axe of Githyamar

A battle axe of githzerai make.

weapon (melee)

+8 Keen Ghost Touched Silvered Battle Axe.

Base Damage:
1d10 + 8 + Spellfire Burst. (1d8 Spellfire / 1d12 on crit)
Critical Threat Range: 19-20 x3

Spellfire energy is considered half fire, half magical for damage reduction purposes. A creature with fire resistance applies its resistance to half the Spellfire damage. The other half bypasses damage reduction & spell resistance, and the Spellfire energy cannot be regenerated.

Special Ability: Cord Strike.
On the Astral Plane, you are able to attack the silver cord that connects many astral travelers to their physical forms; the normally insubstantial cord is treated as a tangible object with hardness 10 and 20 hit points (see “Attack an Object” in the Player’s Handbook). Attacking the silver cord draws an attack of opportunity from the astral traveler.
A silver cord visibly trails 5 feet behind an astral traveler before fading into the astral medium. When the cord is damaged, the astral traveler must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 13) or be immediately forced to return to its body. If the silver cord is completely severed, the creature’s material body (and astral echo) is slain instantly. The cords of travelers with the Mind Blank power active are immune to silver swords.

Sacred Touch: The Silver Axe of Githyamar is bound to its weilder. Any non-divine being touching the weapon without the expressed permission of the weilder is instantly slain. Any divine being takes 1d100 points of Spellfire damage per round. This ability only works if the non-wielder is willingly touching the weapon. You cannot force another being to touch the weapon in order to slay them.


Crafted by an exiled Githzerai weapons maker, the Silver Sword of Githyamar was created using the same sacred methods the gith use to make their silver swords. This battle axe, however, holds a hidden greater power. Githyamar the Exile forged this sword himself, and infused it with his desire for good and right.
In appearance, the battle axe is the finest axe anyone has ever laid eyes on, with intricate design on the silvery axe head that ripples as if it were silver light over a pond of water. The pommel is set with a very powerful magical gem, said to contain the essence of all magic. The axe can only be wielded by one person at a time. It slays anyone who touches it besides its wielder or creator.

The Silver Axe of Githyamar

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