Totem of Uthgar

A totem staff.


Three times per day, with a phrase of command, “I claim this battle Ground in the name of Uthgar, servant of Tempus,” you may plant this staff in the ground and all allies with 60 feet receive the following bonuses.

+1 to all Saving throws, Skill Checks, and Ability Checks.
+4 to Armor Class.
+2 to Hit rolls.
1 extra damage die of damage per character. For example, if the character is wielding a longsword that deals 1d8 base damage and 1d6 fire, that character may roll an extra d8 or an extra d6. The player may choose which die to roll. This extra die is included in critical hit multipliers.

Additionally, as long as an allied character remains inside the radius of the totem, all Bull Rush and Grapple attempts are treated as if the character has the feats Improved Bull Rush and Improved Grapple. If the character already has these feats, there is no additional effect.


Crafted by a battle priest of Uthgar, this staff bears the Totem of the Tree Ghost tribe.

Totem of Uthgar

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