Shawna of Tangled Trees

Half-Drow rogue sorceress


Half-drow Rogue, Sorceress, bard


Raised by her mother near the city of Tangled Trees, Shawna was the seeming unhappy product of an unhappy union. The half-drow grew up fending for herself, but at a young (for an elf) age, she met her mate, Delwa Shevarashlan.
Tragedy struck, though, and during a Drow raid on Tangled Trees, Shawna was separated from her lover, and she fled the city. She found apprenticeship with a wizard, and her skills as a sorceress grew. However, the wizard was of less than good intent, and she soon had to flee. She sought refuge in a cave deep beneath the city of Elversult on the Dragon Coast, but recently was forced to leave her home, having become a target of the Archdevil Mephistopheles’ interest, as she possessed one of the Tablets of Shaelis.

Shawna of Tangled Trees

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