Character Creation

All races from the Players’ Handbook and Races of Faerun are welcome. Other than that, Kender from the Dragonlance Setting, and Half-fiends are also welcome.
All core classes are welcome, and I leave the entire alignment and pantheon of Faerun available for player characters.

Stats are calculated using a point-buy system.

  • You start at level one with 94 points to spend between your six ability scores. (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma)
  • The cap for each stat at level one is 18. After that, with leveling, stats may go higher than 18 with racial adjustments, or by adding points due to leveling up.
  • After you have spent your points, you apply your racial modifiers.

Level up as usual, as per the Players’ Handbook.

Character starting gear is dependent on Table 5-1 on page 135 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Custom or Heirloom items may be allowed after consulting the DM.

Templates must be approved by the DM. No Chosen of Mystra will be accepted at this time.

Character backstory is a must, but need be no more detailed than a region of origin and a reason for the character to have left that region to adventure. Divine Characters, such as Clerics and Paladins must provide the reason their character chose their specific deity.

Characters must have a reason to travel with the party and contribute to the current campaign. Inter-party conflicts will be dealt with harshly. And current party members have little patience for thieves.

Character Creation

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